Friday, January 17, 2020
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Bosses at the soon to be Raasay Distillery had to box cleverly when their planned new development hit any unexpected snag.

Work has now began on the brand new facility but it was while in the pre-planning stage that the company behind the project, R&B Distillers, suddenly discovered bats nesting in the old Borodale House which will form part of the new distillery and visitor centre complex.

It turned out the old building was home to two species, the relatively common Pipistrelle and also what has turned out to be the UK’s most North-Westerly population of Brown Long-Eared bats. So to get around any clashes with the normally nocturnal creatures the distillers have now created Raasay’s very own Bat City.

As well as sectioning off protected spaces in Borodale House’s roof, the company have also strategically sited bat boxes in the wooded area close to the building providing brand new homes for the bats.

So now when Raasay Distillery does eventually open as while as boosting the local economy with new jobs and increased visitor numbers it will also be playing a part in helping to preserve and protect the local wildlife


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