Saturday, January 18, 2020
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Traffic was brought to a halt today (Tuesday 11 April) as part of an illustration of potential problems involved with a planned Talisker Distillery car park expansion.

Beverage company, Diageo Scotland, aim to extend their overspill car park in Carbost to accommodate 56 spaces.  Currently the main car park can contain approximately 45 vehicles.  

"We are one hundred percent behind developments for a new car park," stated Carbost Pier Chairman, Malcolm Henry.  "We just think they are putting it in the wrong place."

Today, Mr Henry and various other locals set out to provide an example of problems that vehicles have with pedestrians walking from the site of the proposed car park to the visitor centre entrance.  Mr Henry stated that the problems will become even more frequent if the car park expansion takes place.

Mr Henry raised two main objections to the chosen location, pictured below.

"Our first issue is one of safety and congestion," explained Mr Henry.  "There is already a bottleneck into the village.  Effectively, there is already a crossroads with the public road, the distillery entrance and the entrance to the harbour."

The second problem raised by Mr Henry was issues with access to the pier.  Mr Henry explains: "The viability of the harbour depends on us getting fees from being using the slipway and running boat trips.  Essential to that is car parking facilities.  Already, we have had problems with the overspill car park blocking access to the pier."

The road to the pier.

A number of people braved the rain in order to urge Diageo to consider an alternative car park, behind the Distillery - thus allowing more room for cars and preserving the beauty of a much-loved area of green.  

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