Sunday, January 26, 2020
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Dynamic and enthusiastic singer, Amy Macdonald, was the reason for the packed venue at Inverness.  

Ironworks, the purpose-built music venue, was crammed with an audience hailing from as far as the Isle of Skye to as near as Inverness itself - all keen to see the multi-award winning singer take to the stage. 


Special guest, Newton Faulkner, also performed at the Ironworks - delighting the crowd when he turned his back on them to take a selfie.  

Amy took to the stage at 8:40pm and opened with "Under Stars" - the titular song from her latest album.  She followed it with "Don't Tell Me That It's Over" from her 2010 album, "A Curious Thing." 

Inverness was the penultimate location for her UK tour, one that has seen her perform at the Royal Albert Hall.

Amy's concert swiftly sold out after it was announced - as evidenced by the large crowd that packed into the venue.  

Amy's third song of the evening, "Spark" was a soulful melody, sung with characteristic passion.   Her soft speaking voice contrasted pleasantly with her rich and lively vocals as she entertained the crowd.  

Those fortunate enough to attend the event enjoyed being in the presence of a dynamic, powerfully-voiced artist.  

Amy will play at the final stage of her UK tour in Aberdeen.  

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