Monday, December 09, 2019
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Notification about the show

Skye looks to have lost its annual showcase for classic and custom built cars, motorcycles and trikes.

Last month founder and chief organiser of the Skye Wheel Nuts show, Ricco Perri, warned that he would pull the plug on the event unless new faces came forward to run it.

Now a notice has gone up on social media confirming that the show, orginally listed for August 5, has been cancelled.

Announcing his plans to stand down, Ricco said: "Due to circustances beyond my control......I find I am no longer able to organise and run further S.W.Nuts shows .

"Anyone willing to take up the job as organiser should contact me personally ASAP to arrange handover of show equipment... signs ..gazebo .. table..... paperwork and contact addresses etc .

"If nothing happens by 17.April 2017. I will announce my retirement and cancellation of this year's show, however if someone can take over I will continue to promote SWNuts in the future.

"Thanks for your support in the past years"

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