Friday, January 17, 2020
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Anne Martin

Skye Gaelic singer Anne Martin has joined forces with an East London-born beatboxer to create a rare musical collaboration.

Anne, born, brought up and still living in the Trotternish area, has teamed up with Manchester-based Jason Singh to create a multi-cultural experience, Roots.

In July, it will be given a 15-minute showcase at the Hull Festival before being the opening performance at Skye's Féis an Eilein festival.

Roots emerged from the musicians' project, Ceumannan, which began more than 10 years ago. Anne said: "I met Jason in 2015 when he came to my house after a performance on Skye.

"He asked me to sing a Gaelic song and, when I did, he began adding these amazing vocal effects.

"It was nothing like what I expected from a beatboxer but his sound was surprisingly complementary to my music.

"It was from here we started on this journey that we are still taking. It is not just about the music and beats, but about the story of the songs."

Over the following six months, the singer and beatboxer swapped information on their respective history and culture - Anne growing up on Skye's Trotternish Peninsula and Jason's from his family in Pakistan.

Anne herself learnt a wealth of her tradition from older neighbours and relatives and has been singing and researching Gaelic song since a child.

Having sung in America, Australia, Canada, Europe and India, she is equally at home performing at large festivals, concert halls, or small and intimate village halls and is sought after as a tutor of Gaelic song, having run workshops in a wide variety of places from down town Philadelphia colleges to small Scottish island schools.

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