Friday, December 06, 2019
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Raasay Community Association will be voting on whether or not to open the Hall for hire on Sundays.

In response to requests at RCA’s AGM the Board would be sending all members a letter for a vote on whether the hall should be open for hire on Sundays.

The vote will ask for a simple Yes or No response and in line with RCA's constitution at least 75% of the total votes returned are required to carry the decision. The ballot will be anonymous, although the voting papers will be numbered for security reasons.

If you wish to vote on this matter you MUST be a member of RCA. Membership of RCA is open to all permanent residents of the island who are aged 18 years or older. Being a member entitles you to vote at AGM's and EGM's and is free. There are currently just over 70 full members. If you qualify for full membership and would like to join, application forms are also available in the RCA minutes folder kept in the shop. Your application must be received at the Community Hall by 5 pm on Friday 16th June in order to be reviewed by the board prior to the letters for the Sunday opening being sent out.


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