Saturday, January 18, 2020
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An elderly casualty with a suspected fractured hip was assisted last night (Sunday 11 June.)

Kyle lifeboat launched at 7:40pm to assist the Scottish Ambulance service with the casualty. The lifeboat arrived on scene at 7:50pm, where the Scottish Ambulance Service and Kyle Coastguard teams were already with the casualty. The 92 year old female had fallen in a house on the remote Fernaig shore, and due to the location, the closest the ambulance could get to the house was approximately 1 mile away.

The lifeboat put 2 crew members ashore to liaise with the paramedics and Coastguard teams, and it was decided that due to the choppy sea conditions along with the wet and cold weather and age of the casualty, it was best not to evacuate her by sea. Therefore, the casualty was loaded into the lifeboat stretcher before being slowly transported down the rough road in the back of a Coastguard off road vehicle.

The lifeboat crew assisted with the transport and transfer into the ambulance, before making their way back along the road to the shore and the waiting lifeboat.

The lifeboat then returned to Kyle at 9:20pm

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