Thursday, April 25, 2019
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SOS NHS are looking to hear stories about those whose lives have been saved by attending Portree Hospital.

They are especially interested in cases where the longer journey to Broadford could have resulted in a fatality.  

They state: "Sir Lewis Ritchie is back in Portree next week and will meet with Community Councils from the North of Skye, on Thursday 22nd March, as part of his research for an Independent Review he is carrying out for NHS Highland regarding Out of Hours Care for the people of Portree & North Skye.

"NHS HIGHLAND maintain that nothing has changed since 2014 but we in Portree & North Skye know that is not true!

"Previous to this date we had access to 24hr emergency medical care at Portree Hospital and for the people of North Skye we were confident in the knowledge that if we needed medical help at any time of the day or night we could phone or go to Portree Hospital and there was someone there that could help. This is NOT the case now! We don't know from one day to the next what the Out of Hours cover is, 6pm? 11pm? or no cover at all!"

SOS NHS continue: "We need to hear from you regarding any problems you have had:

"Accessing Out of Hours care at Portree Hospital after 6pm or 11pm

"Getting help through NHS 24

"Delays waiting for an ambulance after a 999 call

"The Ambulance finding your location

"Being discharged from Hospital, Raigmore or Broadford with no Care package in place

"Accessing Hospital Transport

"Getting to Broadford Hospital for treatment after 6pm or 11pm?

"Getting back home from Broadford hospital after attending A & E

"Out of Hours End of Life Care

"Out of Hours care after the death of a relative

"Have you have made an unnecessary journey to Broadford Hospital when you could have been treated at Portree Hospital

"Any other problems you may have had when there was no medical care available at Portree Hospital

"Do you or a Family Member suffer from an Illness or have a Medical Condition which in turn makes you anxious as to what you do after 6pm or 11pm when medical care at Portree Hospital is not available?

"These stories are not in any way to be detrimental to any Front Line Staff who we know are doing an excellent job in very difficult circumstances.

"Your stories, 'In Confidence' if you wish, so please note this on your story, will be passed on to Sir Lewis Ritchie during his visit to Portree next week and will hopefully form an important part of his Independent Review into the Out of Hours Care required for the Communities of Portree & North Skye in the future."

Anyone wishing to share their stories should do so by 12pm on Thursday 22 March to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view a private message to Save Portree Hospital Facebook Page or by phoning 01470562368 to arrange a drop off point or for a postal address. 

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