Tuesday, December 10, 2019
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Scottish Conservative MSP, Edward Mountain, has launched a Raigmore Parking Campaign and is calling on NHS Highland to take a stricter approach to freeing up parking spaces at the hospital.

Plans for three overflow car parks were approved by Highland Council.  A lack of funding has seen the plans go on the back burner, although NHS Highland leaders say they will be revisited in the next financial year.

The hospital currently has 900 car parking spaces with an extra 200 used for overflow and staff accommodation.

Highlands and Islands MSP, Edward Mountain, commented: "The purpose of the Raigmore Parking Campaign is to find ways to free up more parking spaces for patients, visitors and hospital staff.

"I have kick-started the campaign by asking people how they feel about the parking issues at the hospital and how we might find a solution.

"People are responding very positively, stories are getting shared and exciting ideas are being discussed.

"Going forward, the Raigmore Parking Campaign will build on these online discussions by holding public meetings to bring people together to find a workable solution that helps patients, visitors and hospital staff."

NHS Highland stated: "We welcome Mr Mountain's support in ensuring the car park is only used for those with a reason to be at the hospital. There are anecdotal stories of people misusing for personal use as opposed to being in relation to Raigmore and we would ask that any specific incidents be identified and that we can take appropriate action.

"We would also remind visitors that there are well used and publicised public transport links to Raigmore Hospital."



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