Tuesday, December 10, 2019
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Are you a dinosaur fanatic?  Head for Skye, says Wanderlust.

The travel magazine rated the island as one of Seven Real-Life Jurassic Parks Around The World That Dinosaur Fanatics Will Love.   

Skye's dinosaur prints and tracks have been recognised as "globally important" and are helping researches to gain a better understanding of dinosaur development.  

Little wonder, then, that the island is number four on the travel magazine's list. 

"You can literally walk in the footsteps of dinosaurs," Wanderlust says, commenting on the prints at Staffin Beach.  The list also praises Staffin Museum for its casts of the prints, as well as dinosaur bones and fossils from the area.

The list continues: "In 2015, more fossilised dinosaur footprints were discovered just south of Duntulm Castle.

"Again, only visible at low tide, these were made by sauropods – a group of huge long-necked dinosaurs that included the brontosaurus.

"They date from the Jurassic Period and make up the biggest trackway in Scotland, prompting the Isle of Skye to declare itself the Dinosaur Isle of Scotland."

The full list can be read here.

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