Friday, December 06, 2019
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Anyone watching the third episode of Scotland From The Sky will have seen a boat, built by Plockton pupils, appearing on screen.

Owned by James Phimister, the boat was built by Plockton High School pupils in 2013 in the Am Bata project, enabling young people to learn about boat building.

James told The Skye Times: "The episode featuring the Viking canal also featured my boat, Venn.  Last June, I was approached by the BBC as they required a rowing boat to do some filming."

He continued: "We basically sat and waited for high tide, but it wasn't high enough to get into the loch - so it is filmed like we're relaunching the boat from the loch and rowing out from the canal."

James' boat has already had its share of stardom, appearing in Danny MacAskill's The Ridge video - and, recently, a Spanish elopement at Eilean Donan Castle.



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