Monday, December 09, 2019
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Is your name Sarah?  Did you recently celebrate your wedding anniversary by throwing a bottle into the sea? 

The bottle, with its accompanying romantic message, has travelled all the way from the Isle of Skye to Prestwick.

The note begins: "Today in celebration of our first wedding anniversary, I write you this love note in a bottle.  In celebration of our love of the outdoors and for this love for both to last forever, we throw it into the sea from Skye, Scotland."

The bottle was discovered by Elissa Wilson during a volunteer clean of Prestwick beach.  She told The Skye Times: "The note is from Sarah.  Sadly it's not dated, and she doesn't give her partner's name."

Elissa continued: "It's a very personal declaration of love.  They may be disappointed it never left Scottish shores, but it's a fair old journey down the west coast from Skye to Ayrshire!"

Elissa took to Facebook in an attempt to trace Sarah and tell her how far her message travelled.  As of the time of writing, Elissa's post has been shared over 600 times.  Elissa stated:  "I suppose it shows we all love a romantic mystery!" 



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