Friday, January 17, 2020
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A period of strong winds is expected to develop across Scotland - including the Isle of Skye, and the Outer Hebrides - and northern England from late Saturday, most likely to peak on Sunday morning, before easing through Sunday afternoon.

Whilst the expected gusts (widespread 45-50 mph and isolated 60 mph) are not exceptional for these areas of the country, increased outdoor activity at this time of year will lead to a greater likelihood of disruption.

Visitors are warned to "Please be aware of the potential for localised disruption to transport and susceptible outdoor activities."

At the UK Met Office, the chief forecasters assessment says:"  An area of low pressure currently developing in the western Atlantic is expected to pass northern UK as a relatively deep feature later Saturday and through Sunday, with strong winds on its southern flank. As well as strong gusts in exposed locations, gusty conditions are also likely some distance downwind of hills and mountains at times

There remains some uncertainties concerning the shape and precise track of the low, which will affect the strength and timing of peak gusts. For this reason, look out for possible updates to this warning, but there is high confidence in the general idea of a period of unseasonably strong winds.

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