Saturday, January 18, 2020
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Almost £300,000 of Scottish Land Fund money will be spent on two important local projects.

The Staffin Community Development Trust will receive £231,700 – which will enable the group to purchase land to provide six affordable homes, two business units and a store.

Kyle and Lochalsh Community Trust also got £67,240, and they will purchase the former Skye Bridge Toll Office building and the adjacent 80 acres known as The Plock of Kyle.

Constituency MSP Kate Forbes hailed the news, saying: "This is spectacularly good news for Staffin.

"As an area that has particularly suffered a lack of house-building, there is a chronic need for new housing.

"This is the first step in delivering Staffin Community Development Trust's vision of new affordable homes, enabling people to stay in the area or move there.

"It's clear that the lack of affordable housing is directly linked to depopulation and so I hope that more affordable homes in Staffin will mean more children in the school, more local, full-time residents and more young families.

"It's been a long slog to get to this point and full credit to those who persisted throughout. I look forward to seeing the first house occupied."

She added: "Land is so often a barrier to community potential, so I'm pleased that Kyle and Lochalsh Community Trust are one step closer to using the toll office for community benefit.

"There is huge potential for Kyle, particularly as it's a community that has sometimes felt left-behind or sandwiched in between land and sea.

"The Trust has been doing some really great things and I hope that this latest move will be for the benefit of the whole community."

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