Saturday, January 25, 2020
The skye times mobile

A new marketing campaign will encourage Skye visitors to enjoy the island at a slower pace.

#Skyetime will be launched today (Wednesday 6 March) at the SkyeConnect spring conference.

The campaign will feature a dedicated website and social media presence that aims to create a viral message of enjoying "slow tourism."  Individuals and businesses will be able to post their photos and videos demonstrating what Skye has to offer and how to enjoy the island at a slower pace.

The campaign, designed by McD Creative, will also encourage people to plan longer stays and experience more.  

At the conference, SkyeConnect board members will be interviewed about what #Skyetime means to them and how the concept could benefit visitors and businesses all over Skye.  Peter McDermott of McD Creative will talk delegates through the mechanics of the campaign, while PR consultant, Simon Cousins, will explain how SkyeConnect member businesses can generate publicity by engaging with #Skyetime and sharing their stories around the globe.

SkyeConnect Chair, Shirley Spear, stated: “#Skyetime is a great initiative which we hope will capture the imagination not just of islanders, but of potential visitors from around the world. Holidays are about making memories to last a lifetime. By taking the time to engage with the island, its people, culture and food visitors will experience so much more and make memories that will last far longer than a hastily grabbed selfie. Since #Skyetime went live a few weeks ago we have been delighted with the level of engagement and the great stories and images that are being seen around the globe. Encouraging visitors to stay just a little bit longer will have a transformational impact on the island economy.”


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