Wednesday, August 21, 2019
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Visitors to Torabhaig Distillery will likely see a surprising new resident.

Goat kid, Goaty, has been recently adopted by the Distillery team.

The team explained: "Some months ago a local was going about his daily work in Kintail.

"He came across a newborn billy goat kid who cried for hours and started to follow him around.

"After finding what presumably was the goats mother dead beside the road he decided to take the kid home to his family and give him a better chance of survival."

The family named the kid Goaty.  However, as they had no access to a croft, they needed to find a permanent home for the ever-growing kid.

The distillery team explain why Goaty is a perfect new addition, saying: "Before Torabhaig was a distillery it was a working farm for hundreds of years.

"The history of this land is not forgotten and all who work here are passionate about nature and animals.

"As Goaty is now tame he can’t be put back out into the wild. Therefore it felt right for us to adopt him.

"So cheers to Goaty our newest resident!"

Image from Torabhaig Distillery Facebook page.

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