Tuesday, December 10, 2019
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No Scottish Government funding will be available for trial flights from Skye, it has been revealed.

Following a debate at the Environment, Development and Infrastructure Committee earlier this month, Highland Councillors agreed to write to the Scottish Government asking for funding for the air service.

It was planned that Chairman Allan Henderson would write to ask for support for the daily trial air service.  

However, a Transport Scotland spokesman told Skye Times Online today: “The Scottish Government does not have the resources to fund this proposal and, should it proceed, we would expect any funding requirement to be sourced at a local level.

"Any future development of the airstrip at Broadford remains a matter for Highland Council as the owner of the airport site.”

Tom Stephens told Skye Times Online: "The previous Minister for Transport said that the Scottish Government would not fund subsidised flights from Ashaig. The present Minister has repeated the same thing many times, when asked.

"How much precious time, and scarce resources, have been spent on this, while the Armadale Ferry repeatedly leaves tourists and residents in the lurch, cars suffer burst tyres and buckled wheels, and people find bus travel virtually impossible around the island ?

"The people who have pursued this Pie in the Skye should be ashamed of the complete waste of time, money and effort they have caused."




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