Saturday, December 07, 2019
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A Skye artist's work will be on display at the a prestigious art degree show.

Contemporary Art Practice Student, Meg Miller, will have her work on display in the Robert Gordon University (RGU) Gray’s School of Art Degree Show 2019.


For her final-year project, Meg conceived a collection of sculptural works situated in the outside environment, forged using locally salvaged polystyrene. In contrast, she has established an inside space containing various assemblages, prints and drawings for quiet contemplation.

Meg says: “The work for this exhibition is intensely personal, yet at the same time universal: a deep mapping of the human condition. Inspired by beehives, sacred geometry, ritual and early civilizations, my main accomplices have been Apis mellifera (the honey bee) and gobar (the gift from the cow).

“My research is ongoing and very much rooted in everyday life. Extracting from a variety of resources, including archival materials, travel and time spent in nature, my work is comparable to a honeybee collecting vital essences from different flora. I gather ideas from philosophical, mystical and artistic disciplines alongside life experiences.

“My ideas are my pollen. I transform them into something more refined.”

Meg chose to study Painting but quickly changed to Contemporary Art Practice to work with other disciplines, and felt that the course allowed the freedom and fluidity to do so.

“It was imperative that I carry out my own exploration, unrestricted,” said Meg. “I decided to accept Gray’s offer of study because at the interview they were enthusiastic and encouraging of me as a mature student. When I turned up for the interview, I was greeted as the ‘Beekeeper from Skye’.

"They made me feel immediately at home, and took the time to really engage with my work."


Meg described her experiences over these last four years as a springboard for establishing a new practice back in her familiar environment on the Isle of Skye.

“It’s been a huge sacrifice in terms of shelving my other commitments – family, garden, bees, and yoga classes. However, everyone has been fully supportive, and I now look forward to catching up with all these things when I return home.

“Over the last couple of years, I have been preparing a new workspace in Skye, and after graduation I will be focusing on this project.

"In the future I hope to offer opportunities for other creative practitioners in the form of workshops and residencies, while continuing to work on my own practice and collaborations with others.”

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