Sunday, January 26, 2020
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Plans for amenities at the Fairy Pools car park have been redesigned following an "extraordinary increase in visitor numbers."

The directors of the Minginish Community Hall Association say the construction of the toilet block was planned to cater for a projected increase of around 100,000 visitors after a 2015 feasibility study. 

However, the Association say that, in practice, the site recorded more than 190,000 visitors in 2018.  

The Association stated: "This is an extraordinary increase in visitor numbers and the Fairy Pools Implementation Group recognised that the project needs to deliver a toilet building that can accommodate almost twice the number of visitors indicated in the original report.

"The increase in visitors has resulted in requirements to amend the size and location of the building, and an application for specific licensing from SEPA.

"The latter has also resulted in the requirement to complete sitespecific percolation tests and a re-design of the location of the treatment facility.

"This additional work is to ensure that the installed system can accommodate up to 1,000 daily users. The most recent figures outline a peak user amount of more than 750 per day in August, and this size of tank provides a suitable buffer for further growth in tourism."

An estimated date of completion is not yet known but the Association remain optimistic that it will be before the end of the summer.



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