Tuesday, January 21, 2020
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A new tartan has been developed especially for the Isle of Raasay.

The idea came from island resident, Lillian MacLeod, who retired to the Isle of Raasay several years ago. 

She explains: "I thought it would be nice to have an island-specific tartan, as well as tartans identified with a particular clans.  We have an ongoing community art project and the island's development officer, Lloyd Gudgeon, was attending one of the workshops when I suggested the idea.  He is investigating how to have the tartan produced commercially."

After Lillian designed four different patterns, each potential tartan was posted in Raasay Community Shop.  Members of the community voted for their favourite and the winning tartan was revealed last week.  The tartan will echo the colours of the island - greens for the moors and fields, purple for the heather, shades of blue for the sky and sea and russet for the deer from which the island takes its name. 

The tartan will form part of a large wall piece in Raasay Community Hall as part of the community art project.  After the wall-piece is created, work is expected to begin producing the tartan on a commercial scale.  It is hoped that the new tartan could be incorporated into Raasay's next craft fair on July 27 and that new ideas for its use will emerge. 


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