Friday, December 06, 2019
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Ringing the changes

You’ll be happy to hear that Portree Parish Church has been ringing the changes.

For years the church bell has only been rung on a few special occasions but now it’s bringing back a little old fashioned atmosphere to the village centre as its peals can be heard on the hour, every hour, right through the day.

Already locals and visitors alike have commented favourably on the return of the regular rings but for the Somerled Square church, Rev. Sandor Fazakas, admits that the new addition was more by accident than design.


He said: “The bell has been broken for some time and while we were having it fixed it was decided to make it automated rather than having to be rung by hand.”

But when Rev. Fazakas returned from a mission to Nepal he discovered that not only was the bell now working but the electronic programmer had been set to chime every hour from around 8am until 6pm.

He added: “No one seems to have complained about it and if it was causing upset we would do something about it. From my own point of view though it’s lovely to hear the bells on a daily basis.

"I come originally from Hungary and there every day at midday the church bells are sounded to remember a battle long, long ago in the 1400s which saved Christianity. So it is very nostalgic for me.”

And, it seems that the regular bell chimes are also proving popular in the village. A local shop keeper in the centre said: “It’s lovely to hear them ring out and it adds a whole new atmosphere to the place. There’s been a lot of comment about them and everyone seems really happy.”


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