Friday, December 06, 2019
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Plans for the new micro abattoir in Portree

It is now nearly 25 years since Skye had its own permanent abattoir and according to supporters of the scheme a return is long overdue.

Rachael Jackson from Orbost who as Project Officer and now a Committee member with the Skye and Lochalsh Meat Supply Group, has helped spearhead the initiative said:

“There is a huge amount of support for this scheme not just from meat producers but from those on the island who want to enjoy local produce.

“Everything is now in place to see the micro scale model become a reality. We have not only full planning permission but a site on one of the industrial estates in Portree earmarked for the building.

“Many people on Skye would once again like the opportunity to have fresh meat produced on the island freely available to them. The micro abattoir would achieve just that.”

However the establishment of the new facility would also, say the Meat Supply Group, have tangible and positive wider community benefits.

They claim that in the first two years of basic operation, it will keep an additional £583,200 circulating in the local economy, and by year three, this project would be contributing an additional £831,600 per year to be retained and circulated locally. This would be across the whole spectrum of producer to business to consumer groups.

Rachael added: “The crowd funding initiative will be launched in the very near future and we it will be well received. The micro abattoir will make a huge difference.”


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