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Jeremy Rossiter exhibition

2019-06-15 11:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Skye Makers Gallery - 5 Lochside
Dunvegan, Isle of Skye
01470 521666
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Jeremy's art specialises in landscapes, be it in oil paintings or graphic design. He is based on the Isle of Skye, but travels throughout the Highlands, where the constantly changing conditions provide a relentless source of inspiration.

"I work predominantly in oils as I have a real affinity to the fluid nature of the paint and the ability to keep making changes. I suppose it reflects my own irresolution and that of the weather. I run quite a lot and this immersion in the landscape imbeds certain things into my memory - views, scenes, colours, the way the light affects the landscape and the dynamism of the day.

"Once in the studio work starts right away, developing into miniature studies until I am happy with composition. This is often a long process as sketches are revisited, reworked and rethought before beginning the final piece. Even then, on the flexible surface of the canvas, the painting will take twists and turns on its way to completion.

"My work considers the beauty of the natural world, from the grandeur of the Scottish mountains to the vibrant chaos of wildflowers. Having begun landscape painting quite traditionally, inspired by the great classical landscape artists, I have recently become more and more energised, increasingly influenced by the speed with which life passes and this energy is used to capture those fleeting moments and put them onto canvas or print. There is an element of futility in trying to represent
that which is so wonderful, be it a meadow of wildflowers or the sheer scale of a mountain, but that serves only to drive me on and find new ways to try to do justice to my subject matter."

Jeremy Rossiter,


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