Sunday, December 16, 2018
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Hot food and drinks are available for those affected by yesterday's power cut in the Dunvegan area.

The Scottish and Southern Electricity (SSEN) have brought in their welfare van to supply complimentary breakfasts to their customers.

The welfare van is located in Dunvegan car park.

Previously, complimentary warm meals and drinks were available at Jans cafe and Uig Village Hall.


A Highlands and Islands MSP has made a further statement on proposed kelp dredging.

MSP Rhoda Grant stated: "I have met with representatives from both those against and those in favour of kelp harvesting in the last few weeks. I feel it is always important to listen to both sides before making a judgement.

"Up until this point I had seen more information in the public domain coming from those opposed to this application. However, I think it is important that we hear from both sides of this debate and the meeting I was sitting in at last week in the Scottish Parliament had no representatives present from the company wishing to harvest kelp, so we were hearing about an issue from only the one side. For this reason I suggested we call the company representatives in to a similar meeting and hear their arguments. My intention was to then allow the MSPs present to make up their minds with regards the information provided from both sides.

Portree Primary School has been enjoying seasonal highlights over the past week, with special occasions laid on by parents, teachers and Pudsey Bear!

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